Explore Skilled Trades

Explore Skilled Trades is aimed to match these opportunities with motivated and hardworking Canadians and to provide them with tools, skills and knowledge that will help them navigate a career in the construction industry.

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Explore Skilled Trades is a program developed by Toronto Business Development Centre that is endorsed and funded by the Government of Ontario.



We are living through a trying time, full of uncertainties and failures. But we, at Toronto Business Development Centre witnessed more than that. We witnessed resiliency and hope – in every Ontarian citizen and business.

But now it’s time to rebuild. That is why we partnered up with the Government of Ontario and constructed the Explore Skilled Trades program. Through this trade skills training program, we are getting Ontarians ready to face a decade of unprecedented opportunities in the field of construction.


Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC) is a 30-year old not-for-profit organization that provides training in construction and other related fields.

In partnership with the Government of Ontario, we provide high-quality, hands-on and in-classroom training programs through our training partners. During the training program, we offer financial and other support to students, in order to ensure the successful completion of the course.

Once students complete their program, we leverage our business networks to connect them with potential employers.

Our latest program is Explore Skilled Trades.


This is a joint program of the Government of Ontario, TBDC and its partners to revitalize the Ontarian economy, workers, racialized and minority communities. It’s objective is to up-skill and re-skill workers specifically to meet the growing demands in the field of construction.

The selected candidates will go through an 8-week pre-apprenticeship program. At the end of the program they will be connected with potential employees for an internship or job.

This program is fully subsidized by the Ontario Government. The training is free of cost for the future tradespersons.


TBDC and its partners place a very high premium on fairness. We are highly intolerant of discrimination of any kind.

We are very keen on reaching out to Youth, Differently Abled, Women and Racialzed groups who were affected disproportionately by this pandemic.

We strongly believe that by bringing various facets of the community together and helping them thrive economically, a vibrant community can be created.

Explore Skilled Trades has specific objectives that align with the post-pandemic economic needs of Ontarian communities.

1. Help businesses weather the after-effects of the pandemic by connecting them with skilled tradespersons.

2. Reduce non-financial barriers between workers and employers.

3. Support communities affected disproportionately in the labour market. To up-skill and re-skill them to meet the market needs.

4. Improve the capacity of communities to respond to labour market shock.

5. Form meaningful partnerships with training providers.