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Explore Skilled Trades is aimed to match these opportunities with motivated and hardworking Canadians and to provide them with tools, skills and knowledge that will help them navigate a career in the construction industry.

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A Carpenter

A Carpenter

Carpenters are the single biggest segment of tradesmen in the construction industry. This must not come as a surprise. They are the men and women who quite literally lay the foundation for any infrastructure.

What they do

Carpenters work with wood and wood substitutes to build, repair or maintain an infrastructure. They install walls and roofs and floors. They are also skilled at reading blueprints and creating cost estimations to the clients.

Compensation Available

A certified Carpenter,

After two years:</strong >$52,000
An apprentice: [$15] per hour.


Grade 10 education is minimum. Unions require grade 12. High school certification is preferred.

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