Explore Skilled Trades

Explore Skilled Trades is aimed to match these opportunities with motivated and hardworking Canadians and to provide them with tools, skills and knowledge that will help them navigate a career in the construction industry.

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Why Skilled Trades

Are you suitable for a career in Trades? Be confident with your decision, get your aptitude for Trades tested right now.

The Future of Skilled Trades

The Government of Ontario estimates that there will be 100,000 construction jobs created in the next 10 years. This is due to the expected new retirees from the industry and growing economy.

With rapid job creation, a growing industry and increased needs for skilled labour in Ontario, the future of skilled trades is bright and long-lasting.

The values of the younger generation are much broader and inclusive. That is why both the Ontario Government and business are starting to change the regulations and work cultures in Trades to accommodate them. Meaning, the future of younger generations are bright in Trades.

Take advantage of this opportunity and start a new career as quickly as today. Along the way, build a community that reflects your values.

Life Skills

Just like any skill, trades will become a life skill once learnt. But unlike most professional skills, trades provide one with ‘street aptitude’ to navigate life better.It helps make better personal decisions related to house purchase, home improvements and other day to day chores big and small.

Opportunities for Women

The percentage of women who work in trades are disproportionately small.Only 2% of the workforce in trades are women.

But this is about to change. In an attempt to bridge the growing demand and limited supply, government and construction organizations are taking initiatives to bring women into skilled trades.

Opportunities for women in Trades are ample. With the right kind of training and knowledge we can empower and support women to have a fulfilling and successful career in skilled trades.

Our programs are designed to give women the right Training and Knowledge. Take the next step.

Opportunities for Indigenous People

In Canada, the construction industry is one of the top employers. It provides opportunities for people regardless of race and creed. The Explore Skilled Trades program is specifically designed to provide advantages to indigenous people.

With a multitude of construction projects planned over the coming decade, we realize that with the right guidance and knowledge indienous workers can thrive in the decades to come. Since most of the aforementioned projects are being planned in the north, these workers can stay closer to their communities and make them thrive too.

Opportunities for Persons With Disabilities

Diversity is an asset in any industry. It brings in innovation, creativity and enhances teamwork. Construction industry is becoming more and more aware of this progress. They are looking for persons with disabilities to leverage this progress. Explore Skilled Trades recognizes this and designed courses to meet this need.

Contact the TBDC staff through our hotline to understand the opportunities available.

Opportunities for Racialized Groups

The pandemic disproportionately affected racialized groups the hardest.

One of the ways to reconstruct those communities is to match them with the right opportunities. Give them the right support, skills and knowledge to capitalize on those opportunities.

Our program is specifically designed to do that. Contact us today and learn how we can assist you to make your life better.

Opportunities for Youth

The data shows that during the pandemic youth unemployment (aged 15 to 24) rose to 21%. This can be directly attributed to layoffs in service industry jobs.

Data also shows that the construction industry was not highly impacted by pandemic. Skilled trades jobs were relatively unimpacted in the recent economic downturn.

A career in the trades is very stable, projected to grow and costs less than half of what University programs cost to become certified. It is also receiving government subsidies to build the next crop of professionals.

Youth aged 18 and above are able to start working right away while training, giving them the ability to earn income while creating a long-lasting career.


There are a number of myths related to skilled trades that we aim to break down:

1. “Lack of opportunities in Ontario”

False: At present, the demand for tradespeople is out pacing the supply. This trend is to continue. By 2029, 100,000 new opportunities will be available in the trades.

2. “It’s perilous to be a tradesperson.”

False: Ontario’s safety protocols and enforcement of them are undeniably one of the best in the world.

3. “Young women have no mentors”

False: Yes, currently only 14% of the tradespersons are women, but things are changing, and fast. More and more women are moving into trades. The women who are already skilled are eager to mentor the next generation.

4. “It’s for people who can’t make it to university”

False: Most skilled trades positions require analytical skills, creative thinking along with hands on work. Some require proficiency in mathematical application, and few other, speciality training. A handful also require post-secondary education.

5. “You can’t earn a good living in the trades.”

False: The compensation for tradespersons is highly competitive. Most works are not seasonal anymore. Constructions continue year-round, thanks to technological advances in the industry. Also, with a severe shortage for tradespeople in the market, the pay is projected to go up.

6. “It’s not a Career”

False: Tradespersons are moving up the ladder in managerial positions and technology positions. Not to mention a healthy amount of Skilled Tradespeople are becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Don’t trust the myths. Contact us for more information.

Test My Skilled Trades IQ

Candidates can take the Skills Trades IQ test given below to assess their compatibility with trade skills.

How To Ensure This Is The Path For You

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It is natural for Youth who are entering the labour market or the adults who are considering a career change to be apprehensive. Change is hard.

We have a hands-on and direct approach, we work directly with interested applicants to guide them every step of the way. We consult one-on-one with each and every applicant to ensure this is the right fit and enable a successful start to a skilled trades career.

Here is a six step process that will help you.

Step 1: Understand your goals.

What are your aspirations? What are the paths you see to achieve those goals? Is trades a path? What is the cost of each path (monetary and emotional and time)? Think about them deeply. Be open enough to accept the solution of rationality. If trades seem viable, then..

Step 2: Pick a trade that interests you.

Not all trades are the same. Wrong choices could cost you time and money. So pick one that interests you.

Step 3: Take advantage of Pre-Apprenticeship courses.

These courses will give a general idea of what your career will be in the future. If you think it does not suit you then try another one. These courses are cheap, sometimes free. Try dipping your toe using them.

Step 4: Talk to experts and mentors.

TBDC and the Ontario government along with countless mentors in trades are at your service. Talk to mentors, ask if you can shadow them. Use all the options that are available.

Step 5: Be Decisive.

Finally, make a decision and stick to it. Giving up early is as bad as making a bad decision.

Opportunities for Immigrants

It is unfortunate that only 17% of the immigrants work in trades, even though one-fifth of the Canadian population is immigrant. The Government of Ontario and TBDC are determined to change this by shedding awareness and knowledge about skilled trades.

Our program also helps immigrants with their immigration status by helping them acquire valuable points in a short time. .